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We’re on a mission to grow with like-minded businesses.

Please contact us to see if we can help each other.

Why Partner?

Cadena is always seeking mutually beneficial relationships with businesses and innovators where we are there for the long term. We can advise, help with products, and give access to our international network of advisors and investors.

Like all lawyers we like fees, but are open to other fee arrangements for the right partners. 


Our role is often as key advisors at the design and capital raising stages. We use our legal minds for plenty of “legal-adjacent” work like designing legally compliant web3 products, satisfying investor queries on compliance and risk,  and generally being a step ahead of the market.

We also co-found web3 projects ourselves where we see a gap in the market and our unique position to deliver the product. Our development, investor, and advisory partners help us execute on products that non-lawyers couldn’t do.