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Want to work with us? Our graduate program and current opportunities are below. 

Why Work at Cadena?

Dynamic Team Culture: At Cadena, we pride ourselves on our supportive, collaborative and relaxed environment. 

Diverse Client Portfolio: Dive into a world of fascinating clients, each presenting unique challenges that will keep your problem-solving skills sharp. Some are small businesses, others are listed on the NASDAQ, and everything in between. 

Rapid Growth Opportunities: Our exponential growth translates to unparalleled learning experiences and swift career advancements for our team members. We are always hiring because our clients cannot get enough. 

Flexible Work Environment: Enjoy the perks of mostly working from home regularly. We get great value from our office, but attending regularly is not required. 

Current Opportunities

Want to work with us? Our current opportunities are below. Any questions, email us at

Tax Law Graduate Program (Brisbane)

We have opened our graduate program in March 2024, with responses due by 12 April 2024 for commencing in late May 2024. We will likely do another intake in late 2024 to start in early 2025.

We are currently hiring two graduate lawyers to work in our tax law team.

Great academic marks, a pre-existing passion for tax law, GDLP, or admission are not necessary. We value curiosity, problem-solving skills, and the willingness to learn and grow with us.


What We’re Looking For

These are absolutely necessary:

  • Mandatory Educational Background: Must have completed a degree that means you are eligible for admission (LLB, JD). No need for admission as a lawyer before applying.
  • Any Work Experience: We welcome experience from any sector. No legal experience required, but some experience in the workforce is looked on favourably. 
  • Location: Must be based in Brisbane, or willing to relocate.
  • Personal Qualities: Curiosity, a drive to tackle high-complexity issues, and excellent communication.


What We Aren’t Impressed By

The below are nice to have, but not necessary to apply. 

  • Great Academic Marks: Great academics are nice, but not essential for this role. 
  • A Passion for Tax Law: We are suspicious of anyone who enjoys tax law before ever doing it. Don’t worry, you’ll love it. 
  • Legal Experience: We do things our own way (and it works). Previous experience in a law firm is not something we look for. 


Why Cadena?

We are a firm unlike any other. We are relaxed, yet also top of the field in tax technical and complex clients. 

  • Dynamic Team Culture: We’re proud of our supportive, collaborative environment and relaxed feel. Join us and be part of a team that values innovation and teamwork.
  • Diverse Client Portfolio: Your problem-solving skills will be continuously challenged and honed with our varied clientele. From SME’s to ASX listed companies, to US tech billionaire family offices – we have the range. 
  • Rapid Growth Opportunities: Cadena’s growth offers unmatched learning and career advancement opportunities. Tax law is in extreme demand, and the skills you gain here can launch a career. 
  • Flexible Work Environment: Enjoy the flexibility of working from home or from our Brisbane office. Graduates are expected to work in the office when senior lawyers attend, but as competence grows, WFH can be the norm. 
  • Structured Graduate Program: We have developed our own learning tools to teach graduate lawyers complex tax law topics, and practical skills for advising and advocating for clients.  

How to Apply?

Press the button at the top of this page, applications due by 12 April 2024. Any issues, please email 

Permanent EOI for Tax Lawyers

Cadena is always expanding, so we’re always on the lookout for skilled tax lawyers who are passionate about their work and eager to grow with us.

If you’ve got at least a year’s experience in tax advisory or tax technical dispute resolution, we’re interested in hearing from you.

Our formula for success is built on diving deep into niche areas of tax law, making big waves in sectors like crypto & blockchain, international tax, and private client services. Our unique approach attracts elite clients and opens up exciting opportunities for tax lawyers to join us with experience in:

  • international and private client tax, bolstering our current offerings. 
  • property development.
  • Mining and resources.
  • Financial services.
  • Employment taxes.
  • Any other other niche you bring to the table. 


What We’re Looking For

We want someone who is:

  • Curious and eager to tackle complex tax issues.
  • Experienced, with a minimum of one year in a tax law or consulting role, whether that was with the ATO, a Big 4 firm, or any tax/law firm of good repute. Qualified accountants with relevant tax advisory experience are also welcome to apply.
  • Legally permitted to work in Australia (sorry, no overseas applications for this role).
  • Ideally able to work from our Brisbane office, though we’re open to discussing remote work arrangements.
  • A great communicator with a knack for clear and engaging written and verbal exchanges.


How to Apply

Ready to take the next step in your career with Cadena? Send us your resume and a cover email to Harrison personally reviews all applications, so make sure to tell us:

  • Why Cadena is the right fit for you.
  • Your favorite tax niches.
  • Any tax law puzzles you find fascinating or think are yet to be solved in the industry.

Let’s explore what you can bring to the table and how we can succeed together at Cadena.