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International Tax Lawyers

We provide advice to individuals and businesses on international tax planning with excellent results. Experienced with global expansion strategies in Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE and more.

International Tax for Businesses

Our focus is on providing clear, solution-focused guidance to help your business thrive in the global market.

Navigating the complexities of international tax can be a formidable challenge for businesses aiming for global expansion. Whether it’s understanding the nuances of controlled foreign companies (CFCs), managing foreign trusts, or strategising for international expansion, the landscape is fraught with both challenges and opportunities.

We provide end-to-end international tax advice and execute on tax-effective global business strategies. 

We have commonly advise on:

Controlled Foreign Companies (CFCs): The rules surrounding CFCs are designed to prevent tax avoidance through the use of offshore companies. For businesses operating or considering establishing entities in foreign jurisdictions, it’s crucial to understand how CFC rules might impact your tax obligations in Australia. Our expertise lies in identifying the pathways through which your business can manage the CFC rules efficiently, ensuring compliance while optimising your tax position.

Foreign Trusts and Foundations: When it comes to international tax planning, foreign trusts and foundations can offer significant advantages, but they also come with immense Australian tax risks. We offer tailored advice that aligns with your business goals, helping you leverage foreign trusts in a way that is both compliant and strategically advantageous.

International Expansion: Embarking on international expansion is an exciting step for any business, but it also introduces a much higher level of tax risks. We can assist businesses to restructure their head companies overseas, or expand into foreign markets with a subsidiary.  From establishing operations abroad to transferring funds across borders, each decision carries tax considerations that can affect your bottom line. Our approach is to work closely with you to develop a comprehensive tax strategy that supports your international growth objectives. By focusing on efficient tax structures and compliance, we help you minimize liabilities and maximize opportunities.

Our commitment is to provide clear, professional, and solution-focused advice that empowers your business to navigate the complex world of international tax. 

International Tax for Individuals

In today’s globally connected world, understanding the intricacies of international tax for individuals navigating tax residency, managing global investments, and embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. We provide clear, professional, and solution-focused strategies that demystify the complexities of international taxation for individuals, ensuring compliance and optimizing your financial position.

Tax Residency: Determining your tax residency is a fundamental step in managing your international tax obligations. Tax residency rules vary significantly from country to country and can have a profound impact on your tax liabilities. Our expertise lies in offering personalized advice to help you lose or regain Australian tax residency, and manage foreign tax residency. and help you understand its implications on your global tax obligations. We advise you on strategies to reduce your global tax burden, ensuring you meet your responsibilities in Australia and abroad.

Global Investments: For individuals with global investments, navigating the tax structuring can be a daunting task. From understanding the tax treatment of foreign income, obtaining concessional tax treatment, to setting up investment structures in low tax countries, our goal is to simplify these complexities. We provide strategic advice on how to structure your global investments efficiently, taking into account the tax implications in different jurisdictions to enhance your investment returns while paying the right amount of tax in each country. 

Digital Nomads and Global Businesses: The rise of digital nomads has introduced a new dimension to international tax planning. As you traverse borders, working remotely from various locations around the world, the tax implications can be intricate and multifaceted. We specialize in crafting tax strategies tailored to the unique lifestyle of digital nomads, focusing on optimising your tax situation across different jurisdictions. Our solutions are designed to ensure that you can focus on your work and lifestyle, secure in the knowledge that your tax affairs are in order.

 Let us be your guide in transforming the intricacies of international tax into opportunities for financial optimisation.